New details.

New details were released from a local news station yesterday. Details that could have been kept in the court room, not out for everyone to hear. Especially the loved ones of the three who are now gone.

The news released that the three were all shot in the head with a shotgun. We knew he used a shotgun, which was disgusting itself. But he shot them in the head. What the fuck. Why the hell does this information need to be released to anyone but the ones in the court room? Do people actually want to hear these kinds of things on the news? No. Why can’t the media share more uplifting stories. Stories that will be smiles to our faces instead of sadness to our hearts? I just don’t understand.

My heart broke all over again last night.
And it hurts.
It physically hurts.

I keep playing different scenarios out of how that night went down.
And with new details arising, the scenarios get a little more graphic.

He didn’t shoot three people in the head at once. So who was the second and third to go? Who had to stand there and watch or hear their loved one get shot… by a shotgun… in the fucking head.

I can’t.


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